Egyptian Rites and Prayers


Invocation to Isis

O Great Goddess, Spirit of Isis
Heart of the sun - hear my call!
Enter now into this hallowed place
Make yourself known to those who wish to serve you.
Help your servant to reach
The source of all things,
Guide my steps on the true Way,
So that I will never hesitate in your presence
Nor harm nor displease You.
Answer the desire in my soul for Maat,
So that Thoth can help me in making perfect judgements,
And protect me as You protect Your beloved Osiris from the evil of Seth
That I may advance always with the benevolence of the Gods.

Isis Vitrix Rite for Protection and Defence

This rite can be used whenever you feel unjustly opposed or threatened.
Grasp an object of power in your right hand. This could be a wand, sistrum, crystal, or blade.

Pointing the object, breathe deeply and feel the air flowing into your lungs, into your body, along your limbs, and in and through the object you hold.

Firmly draw a circle around you, visualizing electric blue or flaming red light radiating down from the object. Once you feel the circle is well drawn, imagine it widening and stretching to cover your room, your house, your block or even your nation. If danger or distress is associated with a specific direction, face that direction and say the following:

I call on the Light of Isis and the
Power of Isis to protect me and mine;
From all things of darkness,
From all manner of unjust attack.
Those that mean me harm,
You shall not pass this barrier!
Those that cause me pain,
You cannot pass this barrier!
The Light of Isis stops you!
The Power of Isis stops you!
I glow with the Light of Isis!
I speak with the Power of Isis!
No evil shall pass, no evil shall enter!
Isis stands by me, She raises the copper harpoon!
She is my Protector! She battles for me!
Isis the Ever-Victorious, She battles for me!
Horus stands by me, He raises the copper harpoon!
He is my Protector! He battles for me!
Horus the Great Warrior, He battles for me!
You shall halt, you shall cease your attacks,
You shall lose this unjust battle against me!
Your weapons shall fail you,
Your weapons shall turn against you!
Isis is my Protector, She battles for me!
Horus is my Protector, He battles for me!
She of the Ten Thousand Names
Protects me in Ten Thousand Ways!
Isis is my Protector and She shall overcome you!
Horus is my Protector and He shall overcome you!
Be gone! Be away!

Clap your hands in the direction of the adversary to end this rite.
If this rite is done correctly, you will feel strong and powerful.

In the event that you feel too angry after performing this rite, you may wish to follow it with a purification shower.
Take advantage of this time to visualize the "washing away" of whatever force opposes you.

From "Mysteries of ISIS" by deTraci Regula

The Egyptian goddess Isis can be called upon in the early spring to enhance your physical and emotional well-being.

Cover your altar with white fabric. Decorate it with a vase of white tulips, a white candle, and one white feather, and burn some gardenia incense.

Here and there, sprinkle small decorative silver stars. Light the candle.

Using the feather, fan the incense about you. Now speak these words:

Isis, Great Mother, hear my words of power.
Let the season of light bring me wellness and protection.

End the ritual by brushing your body lightly from head to toe with the feather. If you have a specific problem, mention it as you say your words of power

Nighttimes Prayer to Isis

Great Isis,
I call out to You against the eyes of the Lords of Darkness.
Great are You of all the Gods, beautiful in your dwelling.
Lady that sets protection against the fiends in the land.
Hail to Thee whose beneficial spirits are the Gods of your land,
consecrated from within the Other World.
Beautiful are Thy manifestations in the realm of the Lord of Life,
who is Thy protective brother.Egyptian
Give to me Thy spirit and power in Heaven,
Greast Power of isis, protect me!


Most revered Anubis, you who are guide to the gods, be my guide and protector through the darkened highways and byways of experience.

Help me to laugh in the face of adversity and never lose my way when my spiritual eyes become dimmed by the scales of materialism.

(Taken from Practical Egyptian Magic by Murray Hope)


Wise herald in the ancient ways
Where I have walked before
Lead me to walk again
Be with me on my journey.

(Taken from The Mysteries of Isis by DeTraci Regula)