Temple Dress  
Egyptian Temple Dress

Egyptian men wore kilts made from a rectangular length of linen that was folded around the body and tied at the waist. The kilt reached the knee and was worn without regard to status or class.

Clothing of Priestesses

Priestesses attending festivals and other rites wore sleeveless wrapped gowns consisting of long rectangular pieces of white linen wrapped loosely around the body then tied in the front and over one shoulder.

Red - Physical world, material goods

Blue - Spiritual world, cosmic beings

Yellow - Cyclic phenomena, light

Green - Nature's powers, propagation

Orange - Vital force, physical regeneration

Violet - Cosmic life, divination

Indigo - Creative life, renewal

Brown - Earth's harvest, provision

White - Dedicated life, purification

Black - Unseen worlds, protection

Gold - Reflective of the Neteru